Commercial Floor Coatings: Industrial-Strength for Machinery Area

Commercial floor coatings are important for most owners and managers of warehouses, factories, and other busy sites to know that keeping their flooring in top condition is no easy feat — especially when bare concrete comes into play. The constant strain from physical impacts, chemical spills, and foot traffic can quickly lead to wear and tear.

If you have these issues, don’t worry, because we have just the cure: commercial floor coatings. These solutions can transform the most vulnerable materials into a hardy, functional, and beautiful surface. Keep reading and see why they make a solid investment for any establishment!

Concrete Coatings 101: What Exactly Are They?

The key similarity among coat products and services is their unique interaction with a concrete slab. Unlike your typical paint job, these treatments don’t just sit on top of the material; they bind to it on a molecular level, creating a new, long-lasting layer that resists scratches, stains, and peeling.

Why deal with the hassle (and costs) of tearing out old material and replacing it with something new? Instead, you can keep your existing commercial floor and give it a much more cost-effective alternative.

Choosing the Best Commercial Floor Coatings System

No two installations are the same, and you need to find the appropriate one for your business to ensure optimal performance. Our experienced team specializes in different coat technologies that we can tailor to your exact requirements.

Urethane Cement

As the name suggests, this approach employs flexible urethane blends and cement powder to form a solid bond. Its properties make it ideal for areas that experience frequent expansion and contraction, like those near industrial furnaces or hydraulic lifts.

Resinous Compounds

Arguably the most well-known type, resin products like epoxy and polyaspartic typically rely on two components: a polymer and a hardener. When mixed together in the right amount, they produce a resilient finish that can last for years.

Polished Commercial Concrete

Do you prefer to retain the look of your natural aggregate? We use diamond-honing techniques to produce a reflective sheen that can brighten up any area. The process also “closes” the pores in a concrete floor, making it resistant to damage and debris buildup.

Reap the Benefits of Commercial Floor Coatings in Locust Grove 

Aside from being practical and budget-friendly, what else does this upgrade have to offer? Let’s go through its many advantages one by one.

Streamline Maintenance

Continuous optimization is crucial for any business. If you look at your biggest competitors, they likely have a system in place that keeps their floors looking spotless and presentable — and you can achieve the same results with a simple coat!

Untreated concrete is porous and often marred with cracks, pits, and other imperfections. These nooks create havens for grime, dust, and other nasty elements.

With a smooth, protective layer, you can expect much easier clean-up from any spill or mess. This frees up you and your staff to do more important tasks.

Safeguard Your Concrete

The large-scale industrial equipment you use for daily operations will likely take its toll on your surfaces over time. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen, and take the proactive route.

When you coat your floor, you get an extra layer of protection that takes the brunt of the impact, preserving an essential asset and preventing expensive repairs in the future.

Impress Staff, Clients, and Business Partners

Beyond practical reasons, commercial floor coatings can also give away a positive impression when you have visitors. The state of your establishment reflects your work ethic and competence, so why not spruce it up?

Coat installations create an appealing aesthetic that is sure to grab attention. With a range of shades and textures available, you can customize them to match your branding or amplify the look of the space.

Your workforce will also appreciate the upgrade. After all, no one wants to spend their day in a dull and drab environment. Add some pizzazz and show your people that you value them.

Encourage Sanitary Conditions

You should also take into account the overall hygiene of your office. A coated floor can help you stay one step ahead of any bacterial buildup that might occur in the future.

Most coat products contain special substances that discourage the growth of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. They also have additives that prevent water infiltration, making them an excellent choice for places with high humidity.

Minimize Accidents

The last thing you want is a lawsuit because of an onsite risk. That’s why you must ensure your floors abide by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Bare concrete contains numerous trip hazards, not to mention how slippery it can get when exposed to moisture. Industrial coatings like the ones we offer here guarantee maximum skid resistance, making them ideal for any environment that receives regular foot traffic.

You might also consider changing the style of the floor to indicate specific work zones. Adding a distinct color or border around a place with nearby machinery will signal employees to stay extra cautious when in that area.

Partner with Us Today!

Our cutting-edge commercial floor coatings bring many long-term rewards and will serve you well for decades to come. If you want to schedule a free consultation or are interested in learning more Concrete Coatings GA about garage floor coatings, please call (678) 782-7580. Our professional flooring technicians will happily assess your space, discuss your needs, and offer recommendations.

Concrete Coatings GA: Your Partner for Commercial Floor Coatings

Do you own or run a lackluster establishment that brings down your mood every time you look at it? The culprit is probably dingy, bare concrete flooring. Many people forget the impact of this surface, even though it takes up a large portion of a room.

Don’t fret! We have just the remedy to tackle this problem head-on: commercial floor coatings. This upgrade can give the offending area — and by proxy your whole business — an entirely new look and functionality with relative ease and convenience.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial coatings and more!

Concrete Coating System 101: What You Need to Know

If you’re not familiar with this type of refurbishment, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We encounter a fair amount of people who think coatings and floor paint are one and the same, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, both solutions will give your company a new look and feel, but the latter fails to offer the same durability and protection you naturally get with a high-grade coat product.

Coatings contain a carefully concocted mix of resins, polymers, and other proprietary components that strongly bind with concrete instead of just sitting on top of it. The end result is a new, beautiful surface that resists chipping, cracking, staining, fading, and more.

Reaping the Benefits of Commercial Coatings in Locust Grove

Why should you coat your commercial concrete in the first place? How does it excel from other options? Let’s demystify that for you.

Protect Your Concrete (And Investment)

The average business environment includes heavy foot traffic, accidental spills, and plenty of hazards, all of which can take a toll on an untreated concrete floor. 

So, why risk it? Stay ahead of the curve and give your surface the shield it needs to stay looking fresh for decades.

Make Upkeep Effortless

Maintaining your space shouldn’t feel like an insurmountable chore. With commercial floor coatings, you and your employees won’t have to spend hours scrubbing and scouring for the perfect finish. The only thing you need is a quick sweep and mop every now and then.

Enjoy a Range of Aesthetics for Every Taste

Don’t think coatings are all about performance; they can be incredibly stylish too! Imagine transforming your commercial floor with a glossy finish that makes it look like you just drove off a luxury showroom. The options are virtually endless, so your space can reflect a personal touch.

Polyurea and Polyaspartic Products and Services: The Direct Upgrade to Epoxy

You’ve likely heard about epoxy, arguably the most well-known option available, and we can’t argue with its popularity. It’s an affordable solution that offers a decent amount of sturdiness.

The industry has since seen advancements, though! Today, more and more people turn to polyurea and polyaspartic materials because they address the inadequacies of epoxy with a host of benefits:


While epoxy might cost less upfront, the need for frequent repairs and reapplications can eat away at the return on investment. Meanwhile, polyurea will last up to two decades when properly installed and maintained. It’s the better choice if you want to save money in the long run.

Fast Curing

In the world of business, time is money. If you can’t afford to have your space out of commission for a week or more, avoid epoxy at all costs. The thicker material requires time to set and harden, and that’s why we strongly recommend polyaspartic as an alternative. It can be ready for full use after a day, which is ideal if you need to get back to using the area as fast as possible!


Have you ever seen an old epoxy floor and noticed how it looks warped and yellowish? Dated materials don’t hold up well when exposed to things like sunlight, extreme temperatures, and harsh substances.

Scientists and manufacturers have developed polyurea as the perfect remedy to this issue. It can retain its original appearance even in the most abrasive environments.


As the world continues its push towards sustainable living, so does the concrete coatings industry. Older products often emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm you and the environment. Our modern options don’t suffer from this issue, so they won’t put your health or the planet in danger.

Work with a Reliable Company

Now that you’ve seen the light and are ready to upgrade your enterprise, don’t forget about a crucial part of the equation: finding the right provider.

At Concrete Coatings, we follow a simple yet important goal of delighting our clients with top-notch results. With us, you can look forward to the following:

Helpful Specialists

We take the customer experience very seriously, and that’s why you’ll never find us giving misleading information or ignoring your concerns. Our five-star ratings online can attest to our dedication to excellence.

Hassle-Free Installations

Did you have an awful experience with an unreliable contractor? Rest assured that won’t happen when you choose us. We guarantee an organized process and the highest levels of professionalism from start to finish.

The Latest Technology

Unlike your average company, we constantly look for ways to move forward. Our team studies, incorporates, and uses the most up-to-date products and equipment to deliver the best results possible.

Do you want commercial floor coatings for your space? Call our expert technicians at (678) 782-7580 and see why Concrete Coatings is the industry leader!

Commercial Coatings: A Sustainable Solution for Your Business  

Commercial coatings create high-performance, smooth, hard surfaces that hold up to heavy loads for years. While many residents coat their floors for aesthetic value, business and commercial centers lean more toward the protective qualities and enhanced traction that come with floor coating.  

The coating experts at Concrete Coatings highlight the benefits of commercial floor coatings for your business and why investing in quality commercial coatings makes sense.   

Benefits of Commercial Coatings  

If you’ve been looking for an economical way to improve the efficiency, safety, and lifespan of your commercial space, consider the following benefits of commercial coatings:  

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal  

Commercial coatings add aesthetic value to your space by adding a unique sense of style to your floor. We’ll customize your floor to any design scheme, leaving you with a remarkably proficient and stylish floor.  

If you want to impress your clients with the high aesthetic that commercial floor coating creates, trust us to do the job right. Our flakes come in a variety of colors that we can set up in various patterns and designs to meet your specific needs and budget.  


Commercial coatings can tolerate the wear and tear of heavy foot and equipment traffic typical of commercial environments. High-quality floor coatings boast unparalleled strength and resistance.   

Once you coat your floor, expect it to deter any liquids from water to oil and gasoline and resist heat, abrasion, chemical spills, and stains. These floors can take a lot of heavy use, even from vehicles and heavy machines.  

Unlike bare concrete floors, a coated floor won’t easily crack or chip. Enhanced impact and abrasion resistance means you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor whenever someone pulls heavy furniture across the floor or drops a heavy tool.  

Extended Lifespan  

Coated floors usually last longer than other flooring options, such as wood, bare concrete, or tiles. Naturally, your floor’s useful life depends on use and traffic, but when properly installed and well-maintained, your coated floor could last decades without cracking or peeling.  

The coating protects the underlying material and foundation from moisture damage and cracking, saving you the expense of premature floor replacement.  


Since commercial coatings feature moisture-resistant qualities, they lower the risk of slip and fall accidents. A variation of textured coatings and anti-slip additives ensures safety for your staff and customers.  

The seamless surface of a coated floor also makes it difficult for mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms to thrive. This makes your floor clean, free of allergens, and safer for anyone with access to your space.   

Sanitary floors primarily benefit retail stores, food and beverage facilities, and other commercial spaces subject to strict health and safety standards.   

You may opt to use different color coatings or flakes to define specific zones in a commercial space, such as work zones, forklift traffic zones, and safety areas.  

In addition, applying commercial coatings on a bare concrete surface helps prevent concrete dusting. Concrete dust may contribute to poor indoor air quality and potentially damage equipment. This dust also poses a health risk in the work environment.  

Easy Maintenance  

Commercial coatings lend themselves to easy cleaning and maintenance. The resulting chemical resistance and impermeability of coatings allow you to clean up almost any liquid or substance that spills onto your floor surface.  

Regular sweeping and mopping will keep your floor sparkling and contaminant free.  


Since floor coating materials adhere well to substrates such as concrete, coating your floor eliminates the cost of removing your old floor, allowing you to coat even the largest square foot warehouse affordably.  

If you’re looking for a way to lower your lighting costs, coating your floor may help. Choosing a highly reflective coating will brighten up your space and reduce reliance on artificial lighting. Moreover, the minimal maintenance required to keep the floor in top shape makes floor coating a worthy investment.  

Increased Productivity  

Besides creating an ambient environment for employees, commercial coatings may increase overall productivity levels. A smooth, seamless, and sleek floor keeps machine breakdowns in check, allows for faster movement of inventory, and minimizes downtime.  

Commercial coatings may even boost workplace efficiency by significantly improving brightness in working areas.   

Easy Installation  

Contrary to popular belief, commercial coatings need little installation and curing time, and quick curing times translate to minimum business disruption. We specialize in one-day flake floors with a polyurea base and polyaspartic topcoats. As soon as your floor dries out completely, you can resume business.  


Commercial coatings offer environmentally friendly flooring solutions that make lowering your carbon footprint easy and affordable. The fact that floor coatings minimize the resources required for floor maintenance also makes coating a sustainable flooring solution.   

Bottom Line  

Overall, commercial coatings provide a cost-effective and sustainable way to improve your building’s look, feel, and usability.  

Commercial Coatings in Locust Grove  

At Concrete Coatings, we’re proud to bring years of experience to deliver top-notch commercial and industrial floor coatings.   

We take pride in a highly trained team of experts and use industry-leading equipment and products to exceed client expectations. We’ve honed our installation process over many years to deliver the best commercial coatings in Locust Grove.  

A perfectly installed commercial coating requires the experience of a proven expert, and few can match the expertise we bring to every project.  

Call the professionals at Concrete Coatings today at (678) 782-7580 to get started on your commercial coatings project. 

How to Maintain Your Commercial Coatings for Long-Lasting Results  

Commercial coatings will keep your floors looking good for years and come in a variety of colors and styles that work well for a wide range of commercial settings. While you may have a tough coating, that doesn’t mean your floor won’t succumb to damage. 

Investing time and effort to clean and maintain your coated floors will keep the floor looking its best and allow you to enjoy it for longer. In this post, the experts at Concrete Coatings highlight how to maintain your commercial coatings for long-lasting results.  

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Coatings  

Let’s explore a few pro tips on commercial floor coating maintenance:  

Sweep and Vacuum Daily  

While commercial coatings boast superior abrasion resistance, dirt, dust, and any buildup can compromise your floor. Fortunately, you can easily combat these with regular sweeping using a broom or mechanical cleaning equipment. 

If you opt for the latter, choose a soft bristle brush that won’t scratch the coating. We recommend sweeping your floor every other day to keep the dirt under control. Vacuum cleaning or hoovering will also work well to maintain a clean floor.  

If your floor endures heavy traffic, you may need to sweep your commercial coatings daily to prevent scratches and other types of damage.  

Mop or Scrub Regularly  

Seamless and nonporous, commercial floor coatings provide aesthetic appeal and make cleaning nearly effortless. A mild water and ammonia solution will probably remove weekly dirt and grime from your surface and increase the coating’s lifespan.   

How often you need to mop or scrub the floor depends on the volume of traffic and the substances your floor typically handles. Areas prevalent with oil and grease will require daily attention. You can use a mop and bucket or a mechanized scrubber for weekly cleaning.  

However, before you mop a coated floor with anything besides water, test a small area to see how it reacts to the cleaning agent. We recommend using a soft mop, preferably one made of microfiber.   

Note that commercial floor cleaners may not always work for all coatings. If you prefer to use soap, check that the floor can handle it so you don’t damage the finish.  

Handle Spills as Soon as Possible  

Although commercial coatings boast stain-resistant qualities, you want to clean up spills as soon as possible. A bare concrete surface will allow spills to seep in and stain your floor. 

Cleaning up spills immediately also prevents slip-and-fall accidents. To avoid damaging the coating and any injuries, we recommend wiping up any spills immediately.

Do you have any doubts about how to handle a stain, scratch, or cut? Seek professional assistance for the best way forward. Despite top-notch chemical resistance, some harsh chemicals may damage the surface, so it helps to check if that’s the case.   

If you notice damage, ask a professional to inspect the coating. If necessary, they can provide touch-up services to restore your coating to like-new condition.  

Repair Floor Damage  

Avoid dropping, scraping, or sliding heavy equipment, sharp objects, or other potentially damaging items across the floor without proper protection. You also want to fix any significant scratches or gouges on the coating as soon as possible.  

Cracks or scratches allow moisture to seep under the surface, compromising the floor’s structural integrity. We also recommend steering clear of caustic cleaning solutions or stiff bristle brushes.  

Use Protective Mats and Carpets  

Adding a layer of protection on your commercial floor won’t hurt. If you have heavy furniture or machinery, consider a protective mat. Walk-off mats near high-traffic areas and entrances trap dust and other debris tracked inside the facility, preventing it from collecting on your floor.

A protective coating will also come in handy for commercial floors susceptible to high heat, chemicals, or flames.  

Re-coat It as Needed  

High-quality coatings for your concrete floors protect them from premature damage. A dependable commercial coating expert can help you choose a coating that will work best for your needs and budget. At Concrete Coatings, we also install hand-casted flakes for a customized look.

Ask for a professional opinion before going ahead with your coating project. Typical symptoms of a damaged floor that may benefit from re-coating include:  

  • Peeling  
  • Excessive wear  
  • Bubbling  
  • Unevenness  
  • Pulling away from the concrete  

Re-coating may require technical expertise, especially for a large square-foot building, so we recommend hiring professionals for the job. 

Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance  

Establishing a cleaning and maintenance program for your commercial coatings allows you to enjoy several benefits. First and foremost, proper maintenance extends the life of your commercial coatings. Cleaning the dirt, dust, and debris that accumulates over time minimizes wear and tear on the coating.  

Regular cleaning and maintenance also protect your floor from potential stains and discoloration while helping it maintain aesthetic appeal. Finally, maintaining your commercial coatings helps ensure you have a healthy and sanitary environment.   

Your employees and clients will feel comfortable in a clean environment free of disease-causing microorganisms. 

Commercial Coatings in Locust Grove  

Making the most of your commercial coatings starts with a proper installation—that’s where Concrete Coatings comes in. We offer top-notch commercial coating services throughout Locust Grove.   

Need financing for your installation? Ask about our financing options through Hearth. We specialize in one-day installations and offer a five-year warranty for all flake floor installations.  

Contact Concrete Coatings at (678) 782-7580 to request a free estimate for our top-notch floor coating services. 

Creating a Safe and Attractive Workplace with Commercial Floor Coatings  

Floor coating has gained popularity over the years for various reasons. This is especially true for businesses, as commercial floors often take a beating. At Concrete Coatings, we offer high-quality commercial coatings that protect your concrete floors for years.  

Motor oil, hot grease, and even harsh chemicals prove no match for the strength and durability of our award-winning polyurea and polyaspartic floor coating systems. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of commercial coatings, the costs involved, how to care for commercial coatings, and much more.   

Benefits of Commercial Coatings  

Commercial coatings offer the following benefits:  

More Professional Look  

Commercial coatings give your building’s floors a cleaner, more polished look. A glossy finish presents a smooth appearance which provides customers with a good impression and boosts employee confidence in their work environment.  

Since floor coatings come in various colors and patterns, we can help you choose floor coating options that match your brand identity or building’s unique style. Let us help you bring that “wow” factor to your floors.  

More Durable Surface  

Commercial floor coatings can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear, as well as high foot and vehicle traffic. While varying coating systems will differ in strength, a well-installed coating will significantly improve the longevity of the underlying surface.  

Our polyurea/polyaspartic coatings protect your floors against chemicals, stains, oils, liquids, high impact, extreme temperature variations, scratching, and more.  

Improved Safety  

When people constantly move across a commercial floor, slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur. Professionally installed commercial coatings with additional slip-resistant additives help to prevent such accidents, lowering the likelihood of injury lawsuits.   

This comes in handy for businesses that work with dangerous materials that may spill, compromise safety, or damage the floor.  

Less Maintenance  

Floors sealed with a polyurea or polyaspartic coating prevent dirt and moisture from seeping into the underlying surface and damaging the floor. A moisture-resistance surface also makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.  

Easy cleaning and maintenance come in handy for supermarkets, grocery shops, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial spaces with high-traffic floors that need continuous upkeep.  


Commercial coatings offer a cost-effective solution to improving your building’s overall look, feel, and usability. Unlike redoing your entire floor or going for flooring options such as wood and vinyl, coating your concrete surface costs much less and offers long-lasting results.  

Because coatings make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, they also save plenty of time and resources that would otherwise go to cleaning equipment and products.  

Cost of Commercial Coatings  

Commercial coatings can improve the look and function of your space significantly. However, price is a significant consideration when deciding whether to coat your floor, and commercial coatings can vary widely in price based on several factors.  

If installing commercial coatings sounds like a worthy investment for your business, it helps to understand the factors affecting installation costs. Factors to consider when budgeting for a commercial floor coating project include:  

  • Type of coating material  
  • Floor size and layout  
  • Quality of the foundation (sub-base)  
  • Geographical location (material and labor costs vary by location)  
  • Surface preparation costs  
  • The design finish  

A floor coating’s performance depends significantly on surface preparation. Proper surface preparation guarantees many years of service.   

Our polyaspartic and polyurea coatings are four times as durable as epoxy and offer superior flexibility and curing times. Get in touch with our skilled experts to review your project and provide a competitive rate.  

How to Care for and Maintain Your Commercial Coatings  

Since commercial coatings minimize porous surfaces and cracks, they need minimal cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, you only need a broom, vacuum, or mop and a mild cleanser to keep your commercial floor in excellent shape.  

Additional floor maintenance tips to keep in mind include:  

  • Clean up spills as soon as possible  
  • Avoid harsh chemicals   
  • Clean your floor regularly depending on the amount and nature of traffic  

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Coatings  

Installing durable commercial coatings takes skill and experience. When looking for a concrete coating contractor to install or replace your commercial coatings, hire dependable experts with a reputation for quality.  

With plenty of industry experience, Concrete Coatings has earned a reputation for delivering quality commercial coating solutions throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas.   

Our three-step installation process ensures a timely, accurate delivery that keeps the focus on your business and minimizes downtime. Additional reasons to hire us for your concrete coating project include the following:  

Commitment to Quality  

We use the latest flooring technology to develop lab-tested propriety engineering flooring systems. Extensive field testing proves the durability of our polyurea and polyaspartic floor coating system. We also stand behind the quality of our work with a five-year guarantee on all floor coatings.

Extensive Experience

We draw on our years of experience to deliver the most effective solutions to your flooring needs, custom-tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. We understand that every business has different needs, so we do our best to provide floor coatings that stand the test of time.  

Precise Attention to Detail  

Our installation team pays attention to detail, from surface preparation to completion. We stay up to date on the most recent developments to bring the best aesthetic and longest-lasting finishes to your space.  

Get a Free Quote for Your Commercial Coating in Birmingham  

Concrete Coatings provides professional commercial coatings in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Call us at (205) 973-6197 to request a free quote today.  

Creating a Safe and Stylish Workplace with Concrete Coatings GA’s Commercial Floor Coatings

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade the appearance and safety of your workplace, consider commercial floor coating. Commercial coatings are ideal for businesses with highly-trafficked floors. 

Besides providing long-term protection and an improved appearance for your concrete surfaces, these floor coatings ensure the safety of your customers and employees. At Concrete Coatings, we offer high-quality commercial coating in Locust Grove. 

Read on to learn more about commercial concrete coatings and their benefits. 

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Coatings 

Concrete floor coatings are excellent for surfaces prone to heavy wear and tear. They create robust surfaces that can endure heavy loads and traffic for years. 

Furthermore, commercial coatings can brighten your concrete floor and help conceal unsightly spots. Some of the top reasons to install commercial floor coatings include:

Floor Protection

Commercial floors often experience high traffic and harsh elements that lead to rapid wear and tear. You can prevent this by adding a robust coating to your commercial floor. 

Floor coatings are resistant to heavy impact and harsh chemicals, ensuring long-lasting protection for commercial and industrial floors. 


If you’re looking for cost-effective flooring for your workplace, commercial coatings such as polyurea base coats and polyaspartic top coats are an excellent choice. 

If you already have concrete flooring, you don’t need to remove it to install your coating. This approach saves money and time, which you can spend on other critical aspects of your business. 


Commercial concrete coatings are durable and can last for years without needing reapplication. For example, polyaspartic garage floor coating can last up to 20 years. You can extend your floor’s lifespan with professional installation and regular maintenance. 

Commercial floor coatings can resist various substances, making them better than plain concrete surfaces. They’re shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about chipping when heavy items drop on your coated floor. 

Some commercial floor coatings can resist extreme temperatures of at least 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides being waterproof, these coatings are resistant to harsh chemicals. 

Easy Installation

You can use commercial floor coatings in any workplace since they’re easy to install and will cause minimal disruption to your business operations. When you want to install a commercial coating system, you won’t worry about halting operations or shifting them. 

Most commercial floor coatings take a few days to cure and be ready for use, whereas concrete can take at least several weeks to install and dry. Depending on the size of your workplace, the professionals at Concrete Coatings can apply polyaspartic coating in one day. The coating will dry overnight, and your workplace will be ready for operations the next day. 

Beautiful Flooring

Besides being strong, commercial coatings from polyurea and polyaspartic-based systems can incorporate visually appealing designs. This attribute makes them an excellent option for creating attractive floors at your workplace and showcasing the artistic side of your business. 

Workplace Safety

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says that floors and flooring materials contribute directly to over two million fall injuries yearly. Statistics also show that slips and falls are the primary cause of worker’s compensation claims and are a leading cause of occupational injury for individuals above 55 years. 

Luckily, most commercial coating manufacturers design their products with safety in mind. When you apply these coatings on your concrete floors, the surfaces become resistant to oil, acid, bacteria, and other substances. 

A high-quality commercial floor coating includes anti-skid properties to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents at your workplace. So, you won’t worry about liabilities associated with such accidents.

Factors to Consider When Installing Commercial Coatings

Given the wide selection of commercial floor coatings available on the market, you must ensure you get the correct option for your needs. Some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing commercial coating in Locust Grove include the following:

  1. Environmental Factors

Commercial coatings play a vital role in enhancing your floor’s durability and resistance against acids, chemicals, and other harsh elements. Therefore, it’s critical to choose a floor coating that can bear up to the substances used in your workplace. It’s also important to consider your workplace foot and vehicle traffic to ensure you pick the appropriate coating. 

  1. The Surface Condition

The commercial coating you choose will depend on your floor’s condition. This consideration is especially critical if your commercial space has a worn down or uneven concrete surface. You may need to sandblast or clean the surface before applying the floor coating. 

  1. Your Budget 

Another critical consideration when installing a commercial floor coating is your budget. Durable concrete coatings are often the most expensive. However, you should select a coating within your budget without compromising your desired results. 

Concrete Coatings | Your Choice for Commercial Floor Coatings

Commercial coatings help improve the safety and appearance of your workplace. When installing these coatings, you should work with an experienced professional to ensure the best results. 

Concrete Coatings is your trusted source for high-quality products and services in Locust Grove. We specialize in flake floors with a polyurea base and polyaspartic top coats. All our flake floor installations come with a five-year warranty. 

If you have a limited budget, we offer financing through Hearth to ensure a stress-free experience with our floor coating services. 

Contact Concrete Coatings at (678) 782-7580 to request a free estimate for our one-day commercial coatings service. 

Revitalize Your Commercial Space with Concrete Coatings GA

Commercial coatings extend your floor’s useful lifespan, improve aesthetics, and make surfaces easy to maintain. Whether you’re looking for a garage floor coating or a general concrete floor coating system, there are products and services for every need. 

In this post, the Concrete Coatings team explains more about commercial coatings in Locust Grove, GA. They explain the benefits of a commercial concrete coating system and how it can transform your flooring.

The Benefits of Commercial Coatings

There are several benefits to applying concrete coatings. However, these depend on the installation method and quality of the product. Properly applied, these sealants can transform your concrete floor into a masterpiece. 

However, your commercial floor can become a sticky mess with an inexperienced application. Therefore, it’s best to leave commercial coatings to the pros. 


Epoxy coatings are well-known for being high-performance, long-lasting solutions. They are hard-wearing and will withstand severe abuse. Because of their ability to withstand pressure, high temperatures, and chemical spills, these coatings work well in most industries.

The secret to their success lies in the impermeable nature of the material. There are several formulations on the market with varying degrees of strength. Regular epoxy will withstand reasonable wear and tear, but polyaspartic is as tough as nails by comparison. 

These surfaces will not crack under high pressure and can handle large amounts of foot and vehicle traffic. They chemically bond to the concrete and remain in place until they eventually wear out.

Easy to Maintain

Concrete coatings are simple to maintain because there is no need to reapply them every few years. As long as you regularly clean away debris, they will look good throughout their lifespan. Aside from that, polishing will buff out minor scratches while patching deals with larger issues.

Easy to Clean

When it comes to cleaning, commercial coatings change the game. They are impermeable and repel liquids, making spills easy to clean. It is simple enough to sweep away dirt and dust, and a quick mopping can take care of liquid messes.

When sweeping or mopping with warm water does not shift dirt, you can use a non-abrasive detergent. For really stubborn stains, you can up the ante with a soft brush. However, for most spills, a quick wipe is all you need. 

Better Safety

Most people think of epoxy and wonder how slippery it will be in a commercial setting. The answer is that you can incorporate aggregates to improve traction. The coatings thus improve safety.

These coatings also help to improve lighting. A light floor with a glossy finish in a darker space reflects the available light, brightening the area.

Many managers also incorporate signage into the floors to improve safety. You can mark off high-danger areas, drop zones, and directions to improve productivity.

Finally, the heat and fire-resistant properties of these coatings make for a safer working environment overall.

Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability

Companies today are striving toward better sustainability and cost efficiency. Epoxy flooring ticks both boxes due to its long lifespan and ability to protect concrete. Not only do you not have to replace the epoxy very often, but you improve the lifespan of the substrate, which is great for sustainability.

What’s more, today’s epoxy coatings are far more environmentally friendly than those that went before. Today’s coatings contain minimal VOCs, cure quickly, and are less prone to yellowing with exposure to sunshine.

Using a polyaspartic topcoat means that you can even install an epoxy floor in an open courtyard, thanks to the in-built UV protectants.

What’s more, the coatings can breathe new life into older floors that are in reasonable condition. The coating will cover signs of cracking and protect a slightly damaged floor from further decay.


We cannot think of a flooring material with the same level of versatility. There are coatings for every possible need, such as:

  • Crack and joint treatments
  • Slip resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Secondary containment
  • Decoration

This makes commercial coatings valuable across every industry, from a restaurant to a manufacturing plant. You can build in the exact customizations you want, allowing you to create a unique coating for your commercial space.

For example, an industrial plant might choose a bright floor color to denote areas where forklifts operate or safety zones. They may tint the epoxy in the loading area a different color as a safety warning and increase the skid resistance in areas where moisture levels are high.

Aesthetic Effects

Fifty years ago, everyone expected commercial spaces to be dull and functional; today we have the tools to ensure that they are more interesting. Coatings can turn even the dullest concrete into a masterpiece with a range of additives and colorants. 

Whether you need a stimulating environment for preschoolers or a high-end finish to impress investors, concrete coatings are ideal. With the right team, you can mimic the look of high-end materials like limestone and onyx.

Alternatively, you can opt for something simpler with hand-cast flakes. Choose generic colors to complement any future decor changes or make a statement by incorporating your company colors. Whatever your preference, there is a way to create the look without breaking the bank.

Commercial Coating in Locust Grove

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The Expertise and Quality of Concrete Coatings Alabama’s Concrete Services  

As a business owner, you know that first impressions matter and that your floor is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Don’t let unsightly cracks, stains, and spills on your commercial floor compromise a customer’s experience. Instead, invest in commercial coatings.   

Commercial floors also play a crucial role in workplace safety and productivity. Concrete Coatings has the most qualified floor coating experts in the Alabama area. We proudly offer award-winning polyurea and polyaspartic coating systems.   

We have helped plenty of commercial customers throughout Alabama to transform their concrete surfaces with our quick installation and affordable service. Our team works above and beyond to minimize your downtime during the installation process.   

We install commercial coatings in one day, so you can resume your usual activity as soon as possible. Our commercial coatings will keep your floor looking as good as new, regardless of heavy traffic.  

Benefits of Commercial Coatings  

Commercial coatings come with several benefits, including:  


High-traffic commercial spaces with heavy machinery, vehicles, and foot traffic demand high-performance flooring systems.   

Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings perform well in commercial settings. These coatings can withstand daily wear and tear and heavy traffic. Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings offer four times more durability than traditional epoxy.  

Abrasion Resistance  

If you often move heavy equipment, furniture, or machinery throughout your commercial space, you may have concerns about scratching your floor. Our commercial coatings can withstand even the toughest traffic, so you won’t have to worry about scratches and floor damage.  

Water, Oil, and Chemical Resistance  

Commercial properties get messy from time to time. With polyurea and polyaspartic coating systems, you don’t have to worry about floor damage or staining caused by oil, water, or chemical spills.  


Achieve a personalized look for your commercial space with custom colors, decorative flakes, and more. Our flooring experts can help you create a custom look that complements your space and makes your floor stand out.  

Low Maintenance  

Commercial coatings make floor cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Easy cleaning and maintenance save plenty of time, money, and headaches.  

Quick Installation  

Thanks to our speedy service and quick-curing properties of polyurea and polyaspartic coatings, your floor will be ready to use in as little as a single day. Our simple three-step installation process guarantees the best results while minimizing downtime.  


A high-quality commercial floor coating offers value for money at an affordable cost, especially when compared to alternative flooring options like wood, vinyl, or tile.   

The lower cost, combined with the ease of installation and maintenance, makes commercial floor coating one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for many business owners.  

How to Maintain Your Commercial Coatings  

Commercial floor coatings can keep your floors looking good for years. However, making the most of your commercial coatings requires you to take proactive measures toward keeping your floors clean. Proper maintenance will keep your commercial floors aesthetically appealing for longer.  

The following tips will help you keep your commercial coatings in good shape for a long time:  

  • Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly (regular cleaning helps to remove any dirt and debris that may damage the coating)  
  • Mop the floor with a mild (pH-neutral) cleaner whenever necessary  
  • Protect the floor from sharp objects and furniture legs that could damage the surface  
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor  
  • Place mats at entryways to help reduce tracked-in dirt and debris  
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals  
  • Hire an expert every few years to clean and inspect your floor to keep it looking its best  

Follow these simple tips to keep your commercial coatings in tip-top shape for many years to come.  

Reasons to Hire Us for Your Commercial Coatings  

Hiring the right contractor to coat your commercial floor will determine whether your project goes according to plan. While doing the work yourself might save you some money upfront, it may cost you more in the long run.   

If you’ve been thinking about installing, replacing, or upgrading your commercial flooring, contact Concrete Coatings for the best results. We strive to provide the highest quality concrete coatings and uphold straightforward values of integrity.  

Benefits of working with us include:  


For years, Concrete Coatings has helped business owners in the area with specialized commercial coatings. We pride ourselves on detailed-oriented work at reasonable rates.  

Time and Money Savings  

Downtime leads to costly losses, especially when you’re running a business. As seasoned experts, we have the right tools and equipment to install your floor coating in one day. The coated surface will be ready for foot traffic within 4-6 hours and can return to full use in just 24 hours.  

Peace of Mind  

We focus on creating lasting relationships with every customer, company, and employee. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with manufacturer-certified experts you can trust to do the job right and offer lasting floor coating solutions.

Quality Work  

We use the latest flooring technology. Our propriety flooring systems have undergone extensive testing and thorough vetting by leading independent laboratories to confirm their durability.  

Guaranteed Results  

Besides offering superior customer service and an award-winning product, we offer a 5-year warranty on our commercial coatings. That shows our level of confidence in the quality of our products and workmanship. 

Commercial Coating in Birmingham

Concrete Coatings proudly offers award-winning polyurea/polyaspartic commercial coatings. Call us at (205) 973-6197 for more information and request a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Maximizing Longevity and Durability with Commercial Coatings

As a business owner, you need your commercial coatings to last as long as possible. The team at Concrete Coatings is here to provide tips and information on extending the lifespan of your industrial flooring for maximum use. Continue reading to learn how you can get the most out of your floors. 

Reach out to our professionals for more information on which coating will work best for your industry.

Choosing the Right Commercial Coating in Locust Grove 

Every commercial space has different needs when it comes to the type of coating they should apply. Several commercial floor coatings are available on the market today, and each one comes with its own benefits:

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring typically lasts three to five years and offers exceptional durability. Epoxy is resistant to scratches, UV radiation, dents, and water damage. It protects the concrete from mold growth, spalling, and unsightly marks, all while strengthening your floors. 

Polyurea Flooring 

Polyurea flooring can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance, and you can customize it to fulfill your requirements. Consider polyurea if you are looking for flexibility, impact resistance, and more. Keep in mind that Polyurea flooring is often more expensive than epoxy flooring. 

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings are effective solutions in commercial applications. They offer strength, UV resistance, and are easy to apply. It lasts up to 10 years in moderate conditions and requires little attention.

Our coating experts can help you determine which coating satisfies your needs and budget. We can also use a combination of coatings to ensure maximum longevity.

The Lifespan of Your High-Quality Commercial Coating

A commercial coating in Locust Grove protects your concrete surface and dramatically extends the lifespan of the concrete. For your concrete surface to last as long as possible, you must take action to prevent potential damage. In most circumstances, a coating works better than commercial painting and provides a more thorough defense than polishing or sealing alone. 

Whatever coating you choose, make sure to have a maintenance plan so it will last as long as possible. 

Consider Its Location

What happens on your floor? 

If the coating is outside, your concerns may be weather, temperature, and impact damage. Your outdoor requirements vary from your cafeteria floor needs or industrial flooring in a warehouse or laboratory. If you need help determining which floor coating will work best for you, contact our team. 

Our professionals can walk you through the necessary maintenance for your floor, depending on customizations, location, and additions. Applying the best coating for your area prevents unnecessary damage. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

While one of the most significant benefits of commercial coatings is their lack of maintenance, every material requires some upkeep. Here are the daily steps to keep your floor in pristine condition: 

  • Sweep the entire floor to remove grit, dust, and debris. These contaminants will affect your floor’s appearance and integrity, so remove them regularly.
  • Clean up oil spills as soon as possible. To do this, you must soak up the excess and apply a degreaser and hot water solution with clean rags. Keep an eye out for chemical and water spills, too; a spill can stain or otherwise harm your coating.
  • Mop at least weekly or as needed. By doing so, you prevent hidden spills or debris from damaging the integrity of the coating, keeping it shiny and attractive for years to come.

Inspecting and regularly cleaning your floors allows you to evaluate the entire area for signs of disrepair or age. It also ensures your workspace remains clean and comfortable for your employees, customers, and clients. 

Repair as Needed

Consider a reapplication if you notice your flooring has holes or is wearing thin. Regular reapplication strengthens your floor’s resistance and defensive qualities. If you see chipping, peeling, cracking, or other forms of damage, contact our team to see how we can help.

Consistent repairs will lengthen the lifespan and protect the coating’s durability. In turn, you prevent more expensive repairs by keeping the coating in good shape. Repairs are cheaper than a complete reinstallation and will keep your floor looking its best. 

Hire Professional Coating Experts 

For optimal results, do not opt for a DIY coating kit from your local hardware store. A high-quality commercial coating requires extreme precision and expertise, and most building owners do not have adequate tools, knowledge, or experience to handle the problems that could arise. 

Some common issues that occur to inexperienced applicators are as follows: 

  • Bubbling 
  • Yellowing 
  • Peeling 
  • Uneven surfaces

The team at Concrete Coatings has years of experience in the industry, and our thoroughly trained team can prevent these issues from affecting your floor’s appearance. It may initially seem cheaper to do it yourself, but flooring experts can properly prep the surface, meticulously pour the epoxy, and expertly hand-cast the flakes for a customized look. Get perfect flooring the first time around by choosing Concrete Coatings. 

Contact Concrete Coatings 

The Concrete Coating’s team is here to help you find the solution to your floor coating needs. Our flooring experts will install a durable and attractive solution on your commercial floors that will withstand even the heaviest use. We provide a five-year warranty on our flake coatings and a one-year warranty on everything else for your peace of mind. 

If you would prefer to finance, we have options for that as well.  If you need commercial coatings, contact Concrete Coatings at (678) 782-7580 and request your free estimate in Locust Grove, GA, today. 

Protecting Your Commercial Property with the Right Coating 

With so many commercial coatings available, knowing which is the right choice for you can seem daunting. The professionals at Concrete Coatings have explained the benefits and disadvantages of several coatings to help business owners understand which ones will work best for their needs. 

Without a coating, your concrete is susceptible to chipping, cracking, spalling, and these problems will require costly repairs and replacements to maintain the concrete’s structural integrity. Continue reading for an in-depth guide to selecting the correct coating for your commercial property. 

Choosing the Best Commercial Coating in Locust Grove

There are various effective solutions for a business owner to choose from, but narrow down what your needs are first. Our coating experts will help you decide which industrial flooring will satisfy those needs best. Consider what you use the property for, as each chemical coating comes with various benefits.

A coating helps protect your floor against the following: 

  • UV radiation
  • Chemical spills 
  • Stains 
  • Water damage
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • And more

Consider what your floor is most likely to come into contact with. Each floor coating provides some or all of these protective qualities, and our professionals can help you determine which is most effective for your industry.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective and attractive coating that protects against spills, UV rays, and more. It provides a shiny, aesthetically pleasing floor that works best in commercial buildings such as the following: 

  • Lobbies and store displays 
  • Hospitals, schools, and cafeterias
  • Hallways and walkways

Epoxy is a durable coating ideal for high foot traffic areas. Due to its flexibility in design, epoxy typically does well in public locations where customers and clients walk on it frequently. 

Polyurea Coatings 

For safety, you can include anti-slip additives to polyurea coatings to control its final appearance. Polyurea coatings work well with the following floors: 

  • Laboratories
  • Automotive Industries 
  • Warehouses 

Due to polyurea’s high resistance to chemical spills, oil, and gasoline, it works well with industrial floors that frequently see spills. However, polyurea coatings are not ideal for areas that experience extreme temperatures or fluctuations. If your location requires temperature resistance, consider one of the alternative choices. 

Polyurethane Coatings 

Polyurethane commercial coatings are highly durable and offer exceptional resistance to heavy foot traffic, scratches, and equipment. Due to its flexibility and long-lasting effect, many prefer a polyurethane coating for commercial applications.

It’s reliable, dense, and capable of protecting your concrete floors from various issues. You can include flakes to improve slip resistance and maximize safety, and it promises superior protection. It’s also easy to clean, making it low maintenance. 

Acrylic Coatings

Acrylic coatings are a cost-effective, attractive, and relatively durable coating for your commercial floors. However, an acrylic coating requires consistent upkeep, reapplications, and maintenance. If you can keep up with your acrylic coatings, they can last a long time and keep your floors looking new.

Acrylic coatings offer several benefits and are a popular choice among commercial building owners willing to maintain them. 

Polished Concrete

Polishing your concrete does not coat it but boosts the floor’s durability and extends its lifespan by reducing porosity. It promotes reflectivity, protects your floor, and can last decades with maintenance. Additionally, polished concrete is much more attractive than its unpolished counterpart. 

However, without a coating, your floor is susceptible to spills, chemicals, and UV radiation. It’s a cost-effective solution to enhance areas with dull-looking concrete. 

Waterproofing and Sealing

Waterproofing and sealing your commercial floors protects them from the elements and general wear and tear. This process does not offer additional colors or textures, but it will help combat potential damage.

Consider waterproofing your outdoor seating areas, driveways, and parking lots for optimal use.

Benefits of a High-Quality Commercial Coating

We can also provide high-quality coatings for the following flooring types:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl composite tile 
  • Hardwood flooring 
  • Commercial painting

Every industrial flooring option has its benefits, depending on your needs. Regardless of which you choose, protecting your floors is essential for a long-lasting, damage-resistant floor that can withstand heavy use.

Your floor experiences several dangers and wear and tear throughout its lifetime. To ensure a long-term solution, you must shield your floor against spills, light, and traffic, or it will lead to significant damage and expenses.

Adding flakes, slip-resistant top coats, and various pigments allows you to customize your floor coating to suit your requirements. Our professionals will explain your options to give you maximum control over your high-quality commercial coating. 

If you prefer, we can incorporate more than one coating on your commercial floor, allowing you to benefit from multiple protective qualities while enjoying a unique and durable coating suited precisely to your needs.

Contact Concrete Coatings 

For your commercial coatings in Locust Grove, GA, reach out to Concrete Coatings. We’ll walk you through the process and help you determine the best coating for your commercial application. Our experienced team will provide the best commercial flooring for your property, guaranteed. 

We offer a five-year warranty on our flake floors and a one-year warranty on all other systems. We can install our flake floors in one day and guarantee an attractive, durable, long-lasting coating for your business.

If you require financing, we can work with you through Hearth. Don’t wait to seal your commercial floors; request an estimate today! We’re here for you and ensure we’ll answer all of your questions.

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