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Concrete Coatings GA has many services to fit all your coatings needs. Each job is individualistic and requires special care; luckily, our team is up for the task.

Presume you are a home or business owner in Newnan, Georgia, disappointed with your current flooring condition. Your patio might be splintering, your basement floor may be peeling, or your driveway is in disarray. If this sounds like you, there is no time like now to change how you feel about your home or business property. Revitalizing your floors and surfaces can do amazing things for your residential or commercial property. However, stranding your surfaces to decline further will hurt the value of your house. Also, tarnishing surfaces are a general eyesore for guests or family members. As a residential or commercial owner in Newnan, Georgia, you merit better than that; you deserve a new coating or surface from Concrete Coatings GA.

With Concrete Coatings GA, our squad will turn your diminishing surfaces into a new patio or driveway fit for you. If you are a Newnan, Georgia citizen and desire to make a change for the better, the moment is now to reach Concrete Coatings GA.

Residential and Commercial Coatings

Concrete Coatings GA will fit all your residential and commercial needs. Your surfaces merit a finished, slick look, and anything worse would be a flaw to your residential or commercial property.

Epoxy is a popular choice for many residential owners to ponder when selecting an installation. However, concrete Coatings GA does not recommend using epoxy for coating installations. Epoxy coatings are frail and sensitive to the elements. Instead, Concrete Coatings GA employs polyaspartic and polyurea for our residential coatings. These two coats cure quicker than the alternative and are more adherent. Our service options for residential coatings include patiogaragebasement, and driveway coating installation. Additionally, we offer concrete polishing to improve your surfaces’ finish. All these installations are conducted by trained, skilled specialists who will guarantee the installation’s quality.

We utilize industry-quality equipment and materials for commercial coating jobs. Our team thinks companies should protect their property investment and select a coating option to do that job most suitably. Therefore, we offer several options for your commercial coatings for polished concrete, urethane cement, and resinous coatings. Each choice provides a different advantage; urethane cement is long-lasting, resinous is decorative, and polished concrete is shielding.

Why Choose Concrete Coatings GA

Concrete Coatings GA is the best choice in Newnan for all your coating-related essentials. Our concrete coating process will enhance the look of your home or business, from interior to exterior jobs. Concrete Coatings GA offers a five-year written warranty for all our flooring options, so if your installation starts to diminish, our team will repair the damage without questions. However, we think our highly skilled team will do a good job, and our installation will not need a repair. Concrete Coatings GA also uses a proprietary flake system unique to our establishment, pushing us above the competition. Concrete Coatings GA endeavors to establish long-lasting relationships with our patrons as we desire to grow our family within the Newnan neighborhood. For everything coatings related, try Concrete Coatings GA.

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Concrete Coatings GA is the best option for home and business owners in Newnan, Georgia, attempting to modify their property. The team at Concrete Coatings GA doesn’t want to levy crazy expenses for our services; instead, we will work with our clients to find a price that fits your budget without breaking the bank. Concrete Coatings GA works at a fast pace but doesn’t sacrifice a job well done when finishing an installation. Concrete Coatings GA will work hard to bring your home or business to the state it’s supposed to be. Call Concrete Coatings GA at (678) 782-7580 or visit our website for your free quote.

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