How to Maintain Your Commercial Coatings for Long-Lasting Results  

Commercial coatings will keep your floors looking good for years and come in a variety of colors and styles that work well for a wide range of commercial settings. While you may have a tough coating, that doesn’t mean your floor won’t succumb to damage. 

Investing time and effort to clean and maintain your coated floors will keep the floor looking its best and allow you to enjoy it for longer. In this post, the experts at Concrete Coatings highlight how to maintain your commercial coatings for long-lasting results.  

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Coatings  

Let’s explore a few pro tips on commercial floor coating maintenance:  

Sweep and Vacuum Daily  

While commercial coatings boast superior abrasion resistance, dirt, dust, and any buildup can compromise your floor. Fortunately, you can easily combat these with regular sweeping using a broom or mechanical cleaning equipment. 

If you opt for the latter, choose a soft bristle brush that won’t scratch the coating. We recommend sweeping your floor every other day to keep the dirt under control. Vacuum cleaning or hoovering will also work well to maintain a clean floor.  

If your floor endures heavy traffic, you may need to sweep your commercial coatings daily to prevent scratches and other types of damage.  

Mop or Scrub Regularly  

Seamless and nonporous, commercial floor coatings provide aesthetic appeal and make cleaning nearly effortless. A mild water and ammonia solution will probably remove weekly dirt and grime from your surface and increase the coating’s lifespan.   

How often you need to mop or scrub the floor depends on the volume of traffic and the substances your floor typically handles. Areas prevalent with oil and grease will require daily attention. You can use a mop and bucket or a mechanized scrubber for weekly cleaning.  

However, before you mop a coated floor with anything besides water, test a small area to see how it reacts to the cleaning agent. We recommend using a soft mop, preferably one made of microfiber.   

Note that commercial floor cleaners may not always work for all coatings. If you prefer to use soap, check that the floor can handle it so you don’t damage the finish.  

Handle Spills as Soon as Possible  

Although commercial coatings boast stain-resistant qualities, you want to clean up spills as soon as possible. A bare concrete surface will allow spills to seep in and stain your floor. 

Cleaning up spills immediately also prevents slip-and-fall accidents. To avoid damaging the coating and any injuries, we recommend wiping up any spills immediately.

Do you have any doubts about how to handle a stain, scratch, or cut? Seek professional assistance for the best way forward. Despite top-notch chemical resistance, some harsh chemicals may damage the surface, so it helps to check if that’s the case.   

If you notice damage, ask a professional to inspect the coating. If necessary, they can provide touch-up services to restore your coating to like-new condition.  

Repair Floor Damage  

Avoid dropping, scraping, or sliding heavy equipment, sharp objects, or other potentially damaging items across the floor without proper protection. You also want to fix any significant scratches or gouges on the coating as soon as possible.  

Cracks or scratches allow moisture to seep under the surface, compromising the floor’s structural integrity. We also recommend steering clear of caustic cleaning solutions or stiff bristle brushes.  

Use Protective Mats and Carpets  

Adding a layer of protection on your commercial floor won’t hurt. If you have heavy furniture or machinery, consider a protective mat. Walk-off mats near high-traffic areas and entrances trap dust and other debris tracked inside the facility, preventing it from collecting on your floor.

A protective coating will also come in handy for commercial floors susceptible to high heat, chemicals, or flames.  

Re-coat It as Needed  

High-quality coatings for your concrete floors protect them from premature damage. A dependable commercial coating expert can help you choose a coating that will work best for your needs and budget. At Concrete Coatings, we also install hand-casted flakes for a customized look.

Ask for a professional opinion before going ahead with your coating project. Typical symptoms of a damaged floor that may benefit from re-coating include:  

  • Peeling  
  • Excessive wear  
  • Bubbling  
  • Unevenness  
  • Pulling away from the concrete  

Re-coating may require technical expertise, especially for a large square-foot building, so we recommend hiring professionals for the job. 

Benefits of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance  

Establishing a cleaning and maintenance program for your commercial coatings allows you to enjoy several benefits. First and foremost, proper maintenance extends the life of your commercial coatings. Cleaning the dirt, dust, and debris that accumulates over time minimizes wear and tear on the coating.  

Regular cleaning and maintenance also protect your floor from potential stains and discoloration while helping it maintain aesthetic appeal. Finally, maintaining your commercial coatings helps ensure you have a healthy and sanitary environment.   

Your employees and clients will feel comfortable in a clean environment free of disease-causing microorganisms. 

Commercial Coatings in Locust Grove  

Making the most of your commercial coatings starts with a proper installation—that’s where Concrete Coatings comes in. We offer top-notch commercial coating services throughout Locust Grove.   

Need financing for your installation? Ask about our financing options through Hearth. We specialize in one-day installations and offer a five-year warranty for all flake floor installations.  

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