Maximizing Longevity and Durability with Commercial Coatings

As a business owner, you need your commercial coatings to last as long as possible. The team at Concrete Coatings is here to provide tips and information on extending the lifespan of your industrial flooring for maximum use. Continue reading to learn how you can get the most out of your floors. 

Reach out to our professionals for more information on which coating will work best for your industry.

Choosing the Right Commercial Coating in Locust Grove 

Every commercial space has different needs when it comes to the type of coating they should apply. Several commercial floor coatings are available on the market today, and each one comes with its own benefits:

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring typically lasts three to five years and offers exceptional durability. Epoxy is resistant to scratches, UV radiation, dents, and water damage. It protects the concrete from mold growth, spalling, and unsightly marks, all while strengthening your floors. 

Polyurea Flooring 

Polyurea flooring can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance, and you can customize it to fulfill your requirements. Consider polyurea if you are looking for flexibility, impact resistance, and more. Keep in mind that Polyurea flooring is often more expensive than epoxy flooring. 

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings are effective solutions in commercial applications. They offer strength, UV resistance, and are easy to apply. It lasts up to 10 years in moderate conditions and requires little attention.

Our coating experts can help you determine which coating satisfies your needs and budget. We can also use a combination of coatings to ensure maximum longevity.

The Lifespan of Your High-Quality Commercial Coating

A commercial coating in Locust Grove protects your concrete surface and dramatically extends the lifespan of the concrete. For your concrete surface to last as long as possible, you must take action to prevent potential damage. In most circumstances, a coating works better than commercial painting and provides a more thorough defense than polishing or sealing alone. 

Whatever coating you choose, make sure to have a maintenance plan so it will last as long as possible. 

Consider Its Location

What happens on your floor? 

If the coating is outside, your concerns may be weather, temperature, and impact damage. Your outdoor requirements vary from your cafeteria floor needs or industrial flooring in a warehouse or laboratory. If you need help determining which floor coating will work best for you, contact our team. 

Our professionals can walk you through the necessary maintenance for your floor, depending on customizations, location, and additions. Applying the best coating for your area prevents unnecessary damage. 

Keep Up with Maintenance

While one of the most significant benefits of commercial coatings is their lack of maintenance, every material requires some upkeep. Here are the daily steps to keep your floor in pristine condition: 

  • Sweep the entire floor to remove grit, dust, and debris. These contaminants will affect your floor’s appearance and integrity, so remove them regularly.
  • Clean up oil spills as soon as possible. To do this, you must soak up the excess and apply a degreaser and hot water solution with clean rags. Keep an eye out for chemical and water spills, too; a spill can stain or otherwise harm your coating.
  • Mop at least weekly or as needed. By doing so, you prevent hidden spills or debris from damaging the integrity of the coating, keeping it shiny and attractive for years to come.

Inspecting and regularly cleaning your floors allows you to evaluate the entire area for signs of disrepair or age. It also ensures your workspace remains clean and comfortable for your employees, customers, and clients. 

Repair as Needed

Consider a reapplication if you notice your flooring has holes or is wearing thin. Regular reapplication strengthens your floor’s resistance and defensive qualities. If you see chipping, peeling, cracking, or other forms of damage, contact our team to see how we can help.

Consistent repairs will lengthen the lifespan and protect the coating’s durability. In turn, you prevent more expensive repairs by keeping the coating in good shape. Repairs are cheaper than a complete reinstallation and will keep your floor looking its best. 

Hire Professional Coating Experts 

For optimal results, do not opt for a DIY coating kit from your local hardware store. A high-quality commercial coating requires extreme precision and expertise, and most building owners do not have adequate tools, knowledge, or experience to handle the problems that could arise. 

Some common issues that occur to inexperienced applicators are as follows: 

  • Bubbling 
  • Yellowing 
  • Peeling 
  • Uneven surfaces

The team at Concrete Coatings has years of experience in the industry, and our thoroughly trained team can prevent these issues from affecting your floor’s appearance. It may initially seem cheaper to do it yourself, but flooring experts can properly prep the surface, meticulously pour the epoxy, and expertly hand-cast the flakes for a customized look. Get perfect flooring the first time around by choosing Concrete Coatings. 

Contact Concrete Coatings 

The Concrete Coating’s team is here to help you find the solution to your floor coating needs. Our flooring experts will install a durable and attractive solution on your commercial floors that will withstand even the heaviest use. We provide a five-year warranty on our flake coatings and a one-year warranty on everything else for your peace of mind. 

If you would prefer to finance, we have options for that as well.  If you need commercial coatings, contact Concrete Coatings at (678) 782-7580 and request your free estimate in Locust Grove, GA, today. 

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