How Garage Floor Coatings Can Improve the Safety of Your Floors

Why do Concrete Coatings’ licensed technicians offer long-lasting polyurea garage floor coatings? One reason beyond the aesthetic possibilities is that these innovative coatings can keep your living spaces far healthier. With germ-killing detergents and power washing, many people don’t associate concrete substrates with accidents and infections, but a microscope would instantly reveal a hive of activity in your property’s porous surfaces.

Is your concrete harboring mold, allergens, and pathogens? Here’s more about how the right garage floor coating could protect the guests, pets, children, and allergy sufferers under your care.

More About Floor Coatings For Residential and Commercial Garages

Foot traffic and vehicles easily track in mud, disease-causing bacteria, and viruses from parking lots and drive-throughs. The World Health Organization reveals that more than 17% of infectious diseases are vector-borne, spreading through bacteria, viruses, or parasites on tires, clothes, and furniture. Vector-borne diseases cause more than 700,000 untimely deaths every year, so the problem is a serious one.

If you want a safer property overall, why not consider a concrete coating for your industrial and commercial spaces or home garage? A team like Concrete Coatings helps local businesses and homeowners protect their clientele or families with cost-efficient flooring solutions. 

Our flooring experts favor polyaspartic garage coatings in Birmingham, as the perks of urea-based products exceed those of resinous ones, like epoxy or polyurethane. These options will also improve the health and safety of your home or workplace for years to come.

The Health Benefits of Polyurea Garage Coatings in Birmingham

Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings impress local renovators, contractors, and safety-conscious residents who want to prioritize health improvements and accident prevention. These floor coatings can make your parking space and repair bay a safer place. We also treat exterior parking spaces with a urea-based concrete coating for a UV-stable and weather-resistant top coat that lasts.

Anti-Microbial Properties

Why will you find polyurea and polyaspartic coatings in medical labs, hospitals, and restaurants across Alabama? They prevent microbial colonies from forming on concrete substrates. They also help business owners and industrial property managers conform to health codes.

Additionally, biocidal additives can prevent your home or commercial structure from becoming a source of communicable diseases. Bars, restaurants, hotels, and airports are especially vulnerable to viruses and microbes, making polyaspartic one of the most popular protectants for these places.

Accident Prevention

Did you know that licensed technicians can use polyaspartic and polyurea coatings for structural reinforcement and accident prevention? There is a broad range of anti-slip additives that can make your garage a less slippery and easier-to-clean place to park or work on vehicles. Unlike epoxy, our polyaspartic coatings are 100% chemical-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spilled brake fluid, oil, or battery acid ruining your slip-proof floors.

We can also use garage floor coatings to cover cracks and dents and correct unevenness. After all, protrusions and depressions on your garage floor can trip guests or employees, causing injuries that incur medical costs and more. A coating minimizes slips and falls, safeguarding whoever would otherwise have been liable for accidents on the property.

Safety Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Structural Reinforcement

Is your garage floor falling apart? Professional technicians like Concrete Coatings will repair it before applying a new coating. We will correct any instability caused by decades of exposure to direct sunlight and moisture and smooth chips and cracks with shot blasters and diamond grinders. 

Preparation takes a few hours, but the first-rate protection it offers means your new flooring will last for decades! It strengthens concrete by plugging in holes that maintenance fluids and weather effects can penetrate. And if you want proof these materials last, trace the roots of polyaspartic protectants for electrical transmission lines, bridges, and signal towers that are still going strong decades later. 


At Concrete Coatings, we use branded polyaspartic top coats that are compliant with NFPA 1971-2018. You can find the same urea-based protectants on leather fire helmets Birmingham firefighters have used since the early 1900s. If you spill oil, alcohol-based liquids, and other flammable substances on your protected floors, you can clean them up by mopping.

Polyurea does not allow residue to sink into the concrete beneath it, stopping the potential spread of methane-derived gasses that can make your garage a firetrap.

Cost Benefits of Floor Coatings For Your Garage in Birmingham

Do lower maintenance requirements sound appealing? Polyurea garage floor coatings in Birmingham can dramatically reduce the maintenance needed for your concrete floor. Removing old gum, oil droplets, and spray paint on bare concrete floors and walls used to require a small miracle until epoxy and urea-based coatings elevated soap and water as more than adequate.

Many commercial garages have tire tracks from cars climbing a nearby ramp unsuccessfully on their first try. However, high-quality garage floor coatings mitigate damage from vehicles, including rubber burns and stains on driveways, parking lots, and garage surfaces. If you want to save on maintenance, including removing discoloration and traces of vandalism from unsealed concrete, install polyurea-coated surfaces.

Polyurea or Polyaspartic Garage Coatings in Birmingham Put You in a Better Mood

Forward-thinking scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany are studying the correlation between well-maintained interiors and mental health. So far, they have found that well-groomed spaces in virtual reality affect a broad set of psychological dimensions. So, while floor coatings certainly make housekeeping easier, they could also boost your mood!

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