From Dull to Dazzling: The Power of Commercial Polishing with Concrete Coatings GA

Is commercial polishing the right option for your business in Locust Grove, GA? Polished concrete is a simple but elegant solution for floors that must handle a lot of abuse. In this post, the team from Concrete Coatings looks at the primary benefits of this finish for concrete flooring. 

How Does Commercial Polishing Work? 

Commercial concrete polishing differs from metal polishing. We use a series of abrasive discs to buff the concrete’s surface. Polished metal will achieve a high shine, but the process doesn’t have the same transformative effect as concrete polishing. 

Concrete polishing services grind away thin layers of concrete using progressively finer grits of sandpaper. The process refines the pores in the concrete, rendering them almost impermeable and stronger.

Then the team applies a layer of concrete hardener that soaks deep into the surface. When the hardener cures, the polishing process resumes. The team again uses finer and finer grit paper until the floor is as glossy as you like.

The appeal of this technique is that it allows the natural beauty of the concrete to shine through. Clients can then opt for a low-gloss, utilitarian surface or turn heads with a high-gloss finish. Concrete Coatings takes the process one step further by offering to add a high-grade polyaspartic sealant over the top.

Why Choose Commercial Polishing?

Commercial polishing is a popular option for businesses because it’s durable and easy to maintain. However, it is an investment due to the amount of labor necessary to achieve the effects. Is the investment worthwhile? Read on and see for yourself.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning polished concrete is easy. Unlike floor paint, polished concrete doesn’t flake or peel away. The hardeners make the concrete highly resistant to scratching and chipping as well. Thanks to the topcoat and the refined pores, the concrete becomes impermeable and, therefore, resistant to staining.

You will need to sweep the floor and wipe it down with a wet mop regularly. Other than a quick burnish once in a while, that is all the maintenance you will need to perform. The primary advantage of commercial polishing is that it renders concrete almost indestructible. 

By removing the material’s porosity and hardening it, polishing enhances its strength tenfold.


Does commercial polishing in Locust Grove cost more than painting the floor or installing an epoxy coating? At the outset, it does, and it seems a great deal more expensive. However, when you consider the low maintenance and high durability of the surface, the lifetime cost makes this a desirable option.

Not only will your floors look amazing for years, but they will also resist cracking and remain solid for much longer. Add in the ease of cleaning these floors, and the benefits keep adding up.

Finally, in terms of durability, concrete is second only to stone. However, the polishing costs a great deal less than stone would. 

Remains Pristine

Keeping a floor clean in an industrial environment is challenging at the best of times. Unsealed concrete is functional but will soon show marks and signs of wear. Spills soak deep into the substrate and quickly become entrenched. 

Concrete after commercial polishing is different in that it repels spills. The sealed surface is impermeable, so oil, grease, and other liquids sit on the surface. If these liquids weren’t a slipping hazard, you could leave them there for days without worrying about having to clean them up. 

In addition, the hardened surface is far more chemical-resistant than unsealed concrete. While some chemicals can etch the surface and mar the shine, it’s possible to use an epoxy coating to protect against these. 

Finally, you no longer need to worry about discoloration or fading. The concrete ages gracefully, unlike some sealants that turn yellow or become brittle in direct sunlight. 

Better Aesthetics

Businesses today must always think about the image they convey, even in an industrial complex. You have to consider the following factors:

  • Your brand image if clients or potential clients wish to visit your plant — Messy, wrecked floors do little to inspire confidence in a client interested in offering you a large manufacturing contract. Commercial businesses must also impress clients in a similar manner.
  • Health and safety standards are crucial to maintain — If a health or safety inspector inspects the premises, a filthy-looking floor may prompt them to look a little closer at your operations.
  • Your employees want a workplace of which they can be proud — They wish to feel safe and secure, and knowing that the floor is clean is a good start. It’s also essential to maintain a quality working environment to retain employees.
  • Potential investors will want to see that you care about the small details — A clean floor won’t convince them to invest, but it will help to create a better first impression.
  • Finally, you can apply stains for a decorative effect or use color-coordinated epoxy to designate different areas on the floor — With a bit of creativity, you can improve workflow by using the right floor colors. 

Commercial Polishing in Locust Grove

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