Concrete Coatings: Your Partner for Quality Garage Floor Coatings

Most people aren’t aware that garage floor coatings are cost-effective solutions for flooring. But a high-quality garage floor coating in Birmingham can last decades with little to no maintenance. These polyaspartic coatings are 100% aliphatic, creating a waterproof membrane that adverse weather events, hot tire pickup, and forklifts won’t damage.

However, each concrete coating option offers different benefits. Below, our trained technicians outline a few choices you may want to consider for your garage in Alabama.

What is a Floor Coating?

Floor coatings commonly feature in commercial and, residential properties in loading bays, drive-thru areas, and parking garages. These robust layers protect the concrete substrates beneath them, providing a barrier against the onslaught of trucks, SUVs, foot traffic, and spills.

According to the New York Times, SUV purchases have grown to nearly half of American vehicle sales. So, garages, parking lots, and commercial work areas will face even heavier vehicles in the coming years. Can your floor coating handle the load?

Why Install Garage Floor Coatings?

Portland cement becomes naturally porous after curing, forming tiny holes that admit moisture, mold spores, and chemicals. With absorption, it also starts to flake, spall, and crack under the weight of vehicles and equipment. If those vehicles are towing campers or speedboats, that’s thousands of pounds testing the limits of your concrete.

With concrete floor coatings, any home garage or commercial structure with a parking space has extra protection. Neglecting to install garage floor coatings will mean frequent repair, renovation, or refinishing expenses. That’s why engineers and interior designers alike agree that coatings are worth installing.

Do you plan to sell your Alabama property? A concrete coating could eliminate cracks and dents across your property’s flooring. It might even help you attract higher bids from more committed buyers.

Three Types of Concrete Coatings

Resinous Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are a cost-efficient protectant from manufacturers like Catalog, Copps, and Ellsworth. This material combines a monomeric resin with plasticizers, hardeners, and a chemical catalyst to create a hard-wearing surface. 

If you have low-traffic areas, like long-term storage facilities and residential kitchens, where forklifts, work tools, and machinery are absent, epoxy could be an option. However, an epoxy garage floor coating offers inferior protection compared to polyurea-based products. That’s why many flooring experts deploy epoxy only as a base coat. 

These self-priming products adhere well to a concrete substrate but only survive with a polyurea or polyaspartic topcoat long-term. So, it is cheap to produce and install and has some resistance to abrasion, but it is not nearly as weatherproof as modern coatings. Epoxy is also not UV-stable, so the surfaces near windows and doors will turn yellow after some exposure to direct sunlight.

Polyurea Floor Coatings

If you want the strength of epoxy with far better durability, consider polyurea coatings. Polyurea uses a polyamine and isocyanate molecule, which manufacturers sometimes combine with a polyol molecule to create polyurethane, another popular protectant. 

Polyurea creates a waterproof and weather-resistant polymerized surface for industrial flooring, truck beds, and tank linings. You’ll see it on the floors of cruise ships and factories for abrasion and chemical resistance. Concrete Coatings also offers it as a base coat for garages in Birmingham.

Our polyurea products are branded and certified as UV-stable for at least ten years, repelling brake fluid, oil, and other vehicle maintenance fluids with ease. We can also install vinyl chips and metallic paint for aesthetic effects and unique designs.

Polyaspartic Coatings

Another excellent option is a polyaspartic coating, an aliphatic sub-type of polyurea coating patented by Bayer Material Science. The department originally wanted to improve its urea-based product line but discovered that polyaspartic and polyurea make a winning combination. A polyurea base coat will lose its UV stability after a decade or two, but a polyaspartic coating on top will shield it from yellowing for up to 30 years.

Polyaspartic coatings will never sustain scratches from all-terrain tires or work boots. They also prevent floors from chipping under falling tools, which makes them a staple in residential garages, repair bays, and farms in Alabama.

Why Choose Licensed Experts like Concrete Coatings?

Concrete Coatings is a leading independent company providing high-quality, long-lasting garage floor coatings for homes and businesses in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas. Our floor experts have decades of combined experience in concrete floor solutions for commercial and residential settings. 

Our coatings protect your floors from the following:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Depressions caused by heavy foot and vehicle traffic and more

Garages handle a heavy load each day, and they do it so much better with a floor coating to keep their concrete substrate in great condition year-round.

The Benefits of A Garage Floor Coating in Birmingham

Lower Maintenance

Waterproof floor coatings significantly reduce maintenance requirements. A mop, soap, and water will keep it clean and prevent stains that would have been permanent on bare concrete.

Better Curb Appeal

Floor coatings keep your garage presentable, no matter what you throw at it.

Safer Living Spaces

High-quality floor coatings prevent mold colonies, mildew, and algae from taking hold. When combined with regular cleaning, these coatings make your property a safer place for children, pets, and visitors with allergies.

Expert Services and Workmanship

A team like Concrete Coatings has ample experience in installing robust and beautiful coatings in garages and many other surfaces. And the workmanship speaks for itself.

Why not call Concrete Coatings at (205) 973-6197 to learn more about which garage floor coatings could serve your home or business best?

How Garage Coatings Can Help Protect Your Concrete from Moisture and Chemicals  

It’s almost inevitable: Whenever you open your garage on a rainy or snowy day, water may find its way inside. Similarly, using your garage as a workshop or parking raises the chances that you’ll have to deal with the occasional oil spill, grease, or other chemicals.   

So, how do you protect your concrete garage floor from moisture and chemicals? The answer: garage coatings. At Concrete Coatings, we have plenty of experience with concrete coatings.   

Keep reading to learn how coating your garage floor helps protect your concrete floors from moisture, chemicals, and other substances.  

Benefits of Garage Coatings  

Coating your garage floor offers several benefits, including the following: 

Protection from Moisture Damage  

When choosing garage floor coating options, many people opt for cement or concrete. Unfortunately, excess moisture can easily damage even the most well-installed cement floor.  

Installing a garage coating on your floor adds an impervious barrier on top of the bare concrete. This seal prevents water and moisture from seeping through the concrete surface, so you won’t have to worry about moisture or other liquids damaging your floor.  

Chemical Resistance  

Many garages require chemical-resistant flooring. An unprotected floor allows chemicals and acids to break down the concrete and weaken the floor’s surface. In time, the concrete may develop cracks and pits or even fall apart.  

Well-installed epoxy floor coatings will offer the protection your garage needs to withstand corrosive elements, from oil and paint to grease and brake fluid. Polyaspartic coatings take protection to the next level by offering enhanced durability, UV stability, and better color retention.  

Improved Aesthetics  

Traditional garages have a reputation for being the ugliest part of the house. Most people park their cars or store unwanted items in their garages. Coating your garage floor can elevate your space and make it more visually appealing.  

A high-quality floor coating boosts your property’s curb appeal by giving you a nice, smooth garage floor. Chips and peels will no longer rob your floor of its beauty and shine. Garage coatings also come in wide-ranging colors and styles to suit varying tastes and preferences.  

We can customize your garage flooring, from classic designs to a sleek and luxurious finish. Trust us to bring our vision to reality. 

Stain Resistance  

Container spills and leaky cars can leave various stains on your garage floor. With a floor coating, you don’t have to stress about unsightly stains that may prove stubborn to remove.   

Our floor coating systems boast superior stain resistance. They prevent oil, liquids, dirt, and grime from penetrating the floor, making stain removal and overall cleaning a breeze.  

Long Life 

Coating your garage floor extends its useful life. Resistance to stains, shock, chemicals, and other substances means your coating will last longer than other flooring materials, such as wooden, tile, or carpet flooring.  

Because of its durability, expect your floor to maintain its beautiful appearance for several years. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of replacing or changing your floor every couple of years, consider investing in polyaspartic floor coatings.  

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance  

Garage floor epoxy coatings make cleaning and maintenance a hassle-free process. During Birmingham winters, you likely bring snow, road salt, and dirt into your garage floor. With a high-quality coating, mopping the floor or hosing it off should restore it to pristine condition.  

In fair weather conditions, simply sweep the floor with a soft broom or vacuum to keep it looking as good as new. Regular cleaning removes dirt, debris, and any other residue that may collect oil and dirt. Proper maintenance also removes any particles that may damage the floor.  

Slip Resistance  

A safe environment protects you and the people with access to the area. Slips, trips, and falls can occur in any setting, even your garage.   

With garage coatings, adding slip-resistant additives lowers the risk of accidents and provides a safer walking area for others while providing good looks, practicality, and durability. The seamless nature of a floor coating also minimizes the risk of accidents in your garage.   

We have different levels of slip-resistant coating options and additives suitable for internal and external use. Reach out for help in determining what will work best for your garage.  


Coating your floor may cost less per square foot compared to installing brand-new flooring. Because you can install a floor coating on top of your existing floor, such as concrete, you don’t have to spend extra for floor removal. In most cases, a few quick repairs create the ideal surface to install a coating.  

Bottom Line 

For garage floor coating, we recommend you consider how much you plan to invest in floor protection and how you use your garage. Overall, spare time and resources to clean your garage floor and fix minor damages to prevent them from getting bigger.   

You also want to minimize spillage and abrasion to improve the life of your garage floor coating.  

Garage Floor Coating in Birmingham  

Durable garage coatings could last for decades if properly installed. Look no further than our Concrete Coatings team for the best garage floor coating in Birmingham, AL. 

We use the latest flooring technology, and our propriety-engineered flooring systems have passed independent lab testing and extensive field testing to confirm their durability. Our thorough preparation and professional installation guarantee the best results.   

Call us at (205) 973-6197 to get a free quote for high-quality garage coatings in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.  

Polyurea Garage Coatings: A Long-Lasting and Durable Investment 

Does your concrete garage floor look dull and lifeless? Have you tried every cleaner in the market, only to find that it’s still a dismal display of unsightliness? We have the solution for you: polyurea garage coatings!

We at Concrete Coatings have worked with this state-of-the-art product for years, and it’s a high-quality solution for both residential and commercial properties. Read on to discover why it’s such a worthwhile upgrade!

What Exactly Is a Coating?

A coating is a seamless layer of material applied to the top of your existing concrete surface. Think floor paint, but infinitely better! Resin-based coatings last longer, stand up against more wear and tear, and provide incredibly versatile design choices.

In the past, people only had epoxy floor coatings available to them. They did the job but were prone to cracking and peeling over time. Regular sunlight exposure also caused them to turn yellow and fade, creating an unsightly appearance.

Polyurea Garage Coatings Are Here to Revolutionize Your Flooring

Thanks to modern science and engineering, polyurea products far exceed the capabilities of traditional garage floor epoxy. It’s a hybrid material composed of both chemical and mechanical bonding agents that become incredibly resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation when layered onto a surface.

This superior durability makes it ideal for a wide range of settings, such as:

  • Loading docks
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Storage facilities 
  • Lobbies and hallways
  • Garages and workshops
  • Pool decks and driveways

Polyurea Vs. Polyaspartic Coatings: What’s the Difference?

All polyaspartic garage coatings are polyurea, but not all polyurea coatings are polyaspartic. The two have relatively similar characteristics, but polyaspartic provides some additional improvements:

  • Faster drying time (as little as one hour)
  • Higher UV resistance
  • Increased abrasion durability
  • Improved flexibility to prevent warping

The most significant advantage of polyaspartic, however, is its incredible longevity. With proper installation and maintenance from the professionals at Concrete Coatings, your coated floor should last over two decades.

Benefits of Coating Your Garage Flooring

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of polyurea coatings, here’s why you should consider this upgrade for your floors:

Minimal Upkeep Requirements

Don’t let dirt and grime take over your garage! Applying a polyurea coating to bare concrete creates an even, non-porous surface that makes for quick cleanups with a simple damp cloth or mop.

Say goodbye to the days of spending endless hours scrubbing away and using potentially dangerous caustic cleaners! Occasional sweeping and mopping with warm water is all it takes to keep things looking fresh.

Improve Your Property Value

This benefit may not be at the forefront of your mind, but coating your garage floors is a great way to increase your property’s market value. It won’t just look good—it will last for decades with minimal maintenance that a potential buyer will appreciate.

A polyurea garage coating allows you to transform your garage into a functional space. Whether you want to create a workout space, an art room, or a man cave, a garage coating can help make your dreams a reality. 

Safeguard Your Concrete Surface

We don’t deny the general longevity of bare concrete floors, but they’re not immune to wear and tear. In a punishing garage environment, you will likely encounter issues like:

  • Cracks and chips from heavy furniture or machinery
  • Staining from oil, fuels, and other liquids
  • Fading from UV exposure

Quality polyurea garage coatings can prevent these problems and save you from spending money on costly repairs or replacements. Why pay extra when investing in your floors upfront can save you more in the long run?

Impress Your Visitors

Whoever said that garages can’t be sleek and stylish? The state of your floors can make or break the overall vibe of the space, so don’t settle for an eye sore. Coating products come in a range of designs, including the following:

  • Single hues and sheens
  • Glittery metallics
  • Multicolored chips and flakes
  • Faux stone patterns
  • And more

The possibilities are nearly endless, enabling you to create a custom look that expresses your personality to anyone who steps foot in the door. You’ll surely get compliments from guests with this affordable makeover.

Make It Last with Professional Polyaspartic Garage Coatings in Birmingham 

Do you feel tempted to take on this task yourself? Prepping and coating a concrete surface is both labor intensive and requires specialized tools and expertise—it’s not a job for the faint of heart!

At Concrete Coatings, we take the hassle away from you by providing high-end services and products. You can expect the following benefits when partnering with our trusted team:

Peace of Mind

Our technicians use only the best materials and utilize time-tested methods that guarantee stronger and longer-lasting results than DIY alternatives. We also provide an industry-leading warranty, so you can rest easy when it comes to any future issues.

Fast & Efficient Installations 

You don’t have to wait long for a grand reveal. We have a well-trained and experienced crew who ensures speedy turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

Reliable Customer Service

Few things feel more frustrating than talking to a machine. We value and prioritize customer satisfaction, so you can always count on highly knowledgeable representatives to help and answer your questions.

So what are you waiting for? Get the space of your dreams with Concrete Coatings’ premier polyurea garage coatings! Request a free quote by calling our expert team at (205) 973-6197 and get started today!

Garage Coatings: The Perfect Way to Upgrade Your Home’s Interior

Do your concrete garage floors constantly fail to meet expectations? A deeply marred and stained surface can drag down your property’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

But you don’t have to live with a dull and drab-looking space anymore. Garage coatings provide the perfect way to upgrade your interior. The experts at Concrete Coatings are here to discuss the many advantages of this flooring solution and why it’s always worth the investment.

What Makes Coatings So Popular?

Coatings offer more than just cosmetic enhancements. Some might imagine a flimsy layer of paint that won’t last more than a few months, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

These products contain a carefully designed blend of polymers, resins, and other additives that bond with concrete. When fully cured, they form a tough, protective barrier that can serve you well for decades with proper care.

How Cutting-Edge Coatings Benefit Your Garage

Updating your garage flooring might not be the first thing that comes to mind when renovating, but it can make a huge difference to your space. Consider these advantages so you can make an informed decision:

Create a Safer Space

Concrete garage flooring is notoriously slippery, especially when wet. The divots, crevices, and other imperfections can also easily trip someone up if they’re not careful.

Coat them today for your peace of mind. It will keep the surface flat and even, creating a much safer environment for anyone who visits or works in the concrete area. You can even request a non-skid finish for extra protection.

Impress Your Guests

Why let your garage drag down the overall look of your home? Invest in high-quality garage coatings and witness a dramatic transformation that will leave all guests stunned! Choose from an array of options like:

  • Simple sheens
  • Solid hues and tints
  • Faux finishes
  • Flecks and chip patterns
  • And more

The possibilities are endless, so don’t hesitate to get creative! We can discuss your preferred aesthetic, ensuring we provide a customized coating that exceeds your expectations.

Make an Environmentally Conscious Upgrade

Our coating upgrades don’t just benefit your garage flooring; they’re also great for the environment. These products don’t have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other toxic substances, so you can feel confident about making a responsible choice.

Cut Down on Upkeep

Maintaining bare concrete can feel like quite the ordeal. The imperfections make it easy for dirt and other particles to accumulate, requiring you to spend hours scrubbing them away. Its porous nature also makes it susceptible to staining.

Invest in garage coatings and make cleanup a breeze! You won’t have to worry about getting on your hands and knees to scrub the floor anymore. Follow these simple steps to keep it looking great:

1. Sweep dust and debris regularly

2. Occasionally clean with a damp mop (water only, no products necessary)

3. Spot-treat stubborn stains with a non-abrasive oil and grease remover if needed

Minimize Downtime

Our coatings are perfect for the time-crunched homeowner! Instead of devoting weeks or months to renovations, you can walk on most treated surfaces the day after application. With our coatings, you’re one step closer to having your dream home without sacrificing valuable time.

Enjoy a Surface that Lasts

Bare concrete floors can be tough and sturdy on their own, but they won’t stay that way for long. Don’t believe us? Check the current state of your surfaces. You will likely find tiny cracks, random chipping, and stain marks from years of use.

A garage environment is full of harsh elements like:

  • Caustic chemicals
  • Vehicle fluids
  • Heavy machinery
  • Regular foot traffic

With a quality coat, you don’t have to worry about these things wearing away your floor.

Discover Your Coating Options

Today’s coatings use different mixes to deliver the exact performance you need. The most popular include:

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Many people choose garage floor epoxy for its affordability and protection. However, they have a longer curing time and will begin to yellow when exposed to too much UV light. We don’t recommend this option if your room has many windows.

Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Polyurethane products cost slightly more than epoxy, but they offer superior protection against weathering, stains, and chemicals. They are also far easier to clean and maintain.

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

For maximum durability and longevity, you can’t go wrong with polyaspartic coatings. They can harden within a few hours and don’t yellow like epoxy. While they might cost a bit more upfront, they will save you plenty of time and money down the line.

Combined Systems

At Concrete Coatings, we use polyurea-polyaspartic coating systems for our projects. Third-party lab tests and extensive field testing have proven their versatility and longevity. See our solid track record of satisfied customers for yourself!

Discuss Your Garage Floor Coating in Birmingham Today

At Concrete Coatings, every project begins with you and your individual desires in mind. Whether you dream of a simple finish or an intricate design, we have complete confidence that you will be satisfied with our work.

We promise the following on every job:

  • Friendly experts who can address all your inquiries
  • Honest, upfront pricing with no hidden fees
  • High-grade products with limited VOCs
  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • And more!

Call the Concrete Coatings team at (205) 973-6197 to learn more about garage coatings. We can’t wait to breathe life into your space by creating something extraordinary!

How to Choose the Best Garage Floor Coating for Your Needs

Now more than ever, people are looking at their utilitarian spaces with a critical eye. Many want to make their garage into a fun place to hang out, or just want their storage spaces to be more aesthetically pleasing. Either way, you decide to go, quality concrete coatings can vastly improve your flooring. 

While any garage floor coating would be a major improvement over standard concrete for your space, not all coating options are the same. Any coating will likely improve the look and reliability of your garage flooring, but some can be a better fit for your needs.

As our name implies, we at Concrete Coatings know nearly everything there is to know about the concrete coating. That’s why we’re here to help you decide which garage coating solution would be best for your concrete surfaces. 

If you want to improve your flooring, concrete coatings are always an excellent option. Here are some of the best residential coating options available to you.

The Benefits of a Floor Coating

Floor coatings are one of the best ways to improve the form and function of nearly any flooring. A quality coating installed by a professional team can transform a space in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the benefits a garage floor coating can bring:

Improved Visual Appeal

While concrete is an affordable and reasonably durable flooring material, it’s not the most attractive. A quality concrete coating can turn a concrete floor into a beautiful and diverse canvas.

With so many available options, there’s nearly no end to the visual variety of concrete coatings. Apart from the material, you have control over many factors, including:

  • What the colors of the inset vinyl flakes are– or no flakes at all
  • What texture the coating has
  • The stain color for the finish

Increased Durability

Concrete floors are durable and strong on the whole, but they are also highly prone to cracking and chipping away as time goes on. A concrete coating will vastly improve the durability and longevity of your garage floor.

Concrete garage floors take a lot of abuse, so adding an extra layer of protection against spills, cracks, and stains with a concrete coating is a surefire way to protect your investment.

Some of the ways a concrete coating makes your garage floor more durable and long-lasting include:

  • Better heat resistance
  • Improved sealing and waterproofing
  • Better cut and impact resistance
  • Improved resistance to fading or discoloration

Low Maintenance

Plain concrete floors are difficult to keep clean. These floors tend to hold onto a lot of dirt and dust. They also don’t resist moisture quite as effectively as one would want. 

With a quality coating, a concrete floor will be much more level and, therefore, easier to clean. Unlike uncoated concrete, polyaspartic floors are non-porous, meaning they don’t hold onto moisture or dust, or other particulates nearly as much. 

With little more than the occasional mopping and sweeping, you can keep your coated floors looking beautiful for years to come. 


One of the downsides of plain concrete is how easy it is to slip on–especially when it’s wet. When you add a concrete coating to your flooring, you make your garage floor much safer for yourself and your family.

The Different Forms of Floor Coating

Now that you know how a floor coating can improve your garage, you’ll need to determine what kind of floor coating best suits your needs. There are a variety of coating options available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

But what are the most important factors to consider before deciding which floor coating is best for your garage?

Figure Out Your Priorities

Before you commit to the exact coated floors that you want, it’s important to determine what your goals are for your garage. Are you making it into a hangout space? How important are slip and chemical resistance to you? These are all important questions to consider.

If aesthetics are your goal, a polyaspartic floor may be the right choice for you due to its brighter shine. If you are primarily interested in improving your floor’s functionality, you may opt for an epoxy coating instead.

When Can You Apply the Coating?

Something worth considering is whether or not you can get a certain coat depending on your climate. You cannot apply some coatings if the weather is too cold.

You can install urethane coatings in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Epoxy, on the other hand, may not seal properly if you install it at a temperature below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sunlight Exposure?

No coating is exactly the same as another, and they all have specific quirks associated with them. For example, some coatings handle sunlight and UV exposure much better than others do.

While a basement isn’t known to see much direct sunlight, even a little could bleach parts of your floor. If this is a concern, you may want to use a more resistant coating.

Work with the Best Team for Your Concrete Garage Coating

A durable garage floor coating could last for years or even decades if installed properly. For the best garage floor coating in Birmingham, AL, look no further than our team at Concrete Coatings. With the tools and experience for the job, we’ll prep and install your new garage floor coating quickly and accurately. Give us a call at (205) 973-6197 for a free quote today.

Do Garage Coatings Increase Home Value?

When you think about home renovations and improvements, garage floors aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that finishing your garage floor is an easy, cost-effective way to add value and character to your home? At Concrete Coatings, we’re experts in residential floor coatings. We offer a variety of options, including flake floor coating, to create a space that is both personalized and durable. If you’re looking to upgrade your garage floor, take a look at how flake concrete garage coatings will make your garage look more contemporary while creating a space that is safer and easier to clean than a typical garage floor.    

Benefits of Flake Flooring

Most people have heard about garage floor painting or epoxy floors. Flake flooring is similar but adds a bit more of a colorful or textured touch to a typical garage floor coating. The flakes in flake flooring are pieces of colored epoxy scattered over a tinted epoxy basecoat. We then cover the flakes with a polyaspartic layer to seal and protect the floor. Besides being cost-effective, flake flooring offers several other advantages.

They’re Durable and Long-Lasting

Resurfacing your garage with flake flooring is an excellent option because of its durability. The original intention for the epoxy used in flake flooring was to protect metal from corrosion, so it is the ideal material to keep your garage floors in great shape. Flake flooring protects your floor against spills from corrosive chemicals commonly found in garages, as well as staining and absorption of liquids. The non-porous surface stands up to Georgia humidity,  keeping your garage floor mold-free. Flake flooring lasts for several years, helping keep repair costs down. The durable polyaspartic coating is also impact and scratch resistant, and doesn’t show tire marks.  

They’re Safe

Installing flake flooring in your garage improves safety in several ways. The textured surface provides slip resistance from spills and provides a level of heat restriction. Flake flooring is UV light resistant, so the color and pattern of your floor won’t fade or distort over time. Additionally, covering your concrete floor with flake floor coating eliminates concrete dust, helping keep your family from respiratory issues.  

They’re Low Maintenance

Concrete garage floors are porous and tend to soak up gas, oil, and other chemical spills, leaving permanent stains. Flake flooring is non-porous and, when installed by the professionals at Concrete Coatings, requires very little upkeep. With just a mop and broom, you can keep your garage floor looking like new. Scratches or chips? Call us, and we’ll come out and patch the area, getting your floor back to perfect condition in no time. 

They’re Eco-Friendly

If environmentally friendly materials top your list of essential aspects of your flooring, flake floors fit the bill. The materials used in flake flooring do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases emitted from certain types of products. Paint, gasoline, and adhesives all contain VOCs, and since you often store these in your garage, the last thing you need is flooring that adds to the problem. Flake flooring is resistant to moisture, non-toxic, and doesn’t require harsh chemicals to clean, making it an excellent choice for an eco-friendly flooring material. 

They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

Just like interior paint is an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance the interior of your home,  garage floor coating is an equally cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your garage. Flake flooring is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home by upgrading the look of a dull, stained garage floor into something more interesting and contemporary. At Concrete Coatings, we offer a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from so that you’re sure to find a style that matches your aesthetic. 

Concrete Coatings | Professionally Installed Flake Flooring

If you’re looking for a way to increase the value of your home without extensive and costly renovations, it’s time to consider flake flooring. Besides creating excellent resale value, flake flooring provides a safe, easy-to-maintain space for everything from tailgate parties to car refurbishing and display. For garage coatings in Locust Grove, call Concrete Coatings today at 678-782-7580, and we’ll send out one of our floor finishing experts to give you a free estimate.

We specialize in 1-Day flake flooring so that you can enjoy your new garage floor quickly and at no extra cost. Concrete Coatings is ready to help you design and install the garage coating you’ve always wanted, putting the finishing touch on your upgraded garage.