Can You Put a Second Coat of Epoxy on a Garage Floor?

Is it possible to put a second coat for garage epoxy floor durability? As a hardy option that is easy to clean, epoxy garage floors remain a highly popular choice in Locust Grove, GA. 

A natural question from local homeowners and businesses installing this affordable, scratch-resistant flooring material is whether two coats are better than one. The answer is yes, but there are a few important considerations that we discuss in detail below.

How Many Coats of Epoxy Are Ideal for a Garage Floor?

Epoxy floors and polyaspartic alternatives offer several benefits for high-traffic areas like the garage. Some of the most notable reasons to consider this type of material include the following:

  • It makes it possible to design beautiful patterns or effects on the floor.
  • It is extremely durable and easy to maintain.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is highly resistant to stains, scratches, UV rays, and extreme heat. 
  • It takes heavy impacts well.

Applying a coat of epoxy floor paint to your concrete surface provides all the benefits above. But would a second coat be even better? Yes, experienced concrete floor coating professionals often recommend two coats of epoxy coating for concrete floors, and garage floors are no exception. 

However, professionals like Concrete Coatings will always apply a primer before the first coat of epoxy resin. Epoxy floor coatings are not self-leveling, and they dry quickly, so it is easier to level the area with the primer before applying any epoxy coats. We also strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mixing the epoxy compound to ensure high-quality results for both a first coat and a second one.

Step-by-step Guide To Apply Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Even professionals like Concrete Coatings will be sure to follow the brand’s application instructions to avoid costly mistakes when applying epoxy resin. A first and second coat for garage epoxy floor installations would both involve several steps.

  • Step 1: Clean the garage thoroughly. Remove grease from the concrete surface for optimal adherence.
  • Step 2: Etch the concrete to make it rougher so that the coating can adhere properly. 
  • Step 3: Wait for the surface to dry. Then, apply a plastic sheet protector around the bottom of the walls (if possible, consider removing the baseboards).
  • Step 4: Prepare the room before mixing and apply the first coat as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

A coating like epoxy usually comprises two parts: resin and hardener. For example, every epoxy kit comes with its unique mixing instructions and resting time requirements. After applying the first coat, we would typically need to wait at least 12 hours before applying a second coat, with 12 more hours after that before anyone can use the garage. 

Can You Apply New Epoxy On Existing Epoxy?

It is certainly possible to apply a fresh epoxy layer over an existing coat. However, keeping the old epoxy completely dry for at least 48 hours before applying the new coat is critical. Putting a fresh layer over a wet base coating will lead to bubbles and other surface imperfections.

This is easier to get right when working with a reputable concrete flooring contractor like us who can get a top-quality epoxy garage floor coating result every time. For example, we might remove surface bumps using a circular saw or electric sander with 60-grit sandpaper before applying the epoxy resin. Then, we would use a vacuum cleaner or tack cloth to clear the dust off the surface. 

Does the existing layer of epoxy have cracks? It might be necessary to completely remove it rather than applying a fresh layer on top of it that won’t last long.

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So, you can apply a second coat onto the garage’s epoxy floor if it is dry, level, and free of imperfections. It is even possible to apply more than two coats to create thicker, more robust flooring in a busy garage area. However, we advise waiting twelve hours between coats and another twelve hours before using the garage. 

Concrete Coatings specializes in one-day flake floors with a polyurea base with polyaspartic top coats. Our work brings the durability and customization aspects you need at a competitive price and with a 5-year warranty on flake floors. Be sure to ask us about our financing options through Hearth.

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