Can You Polish Exposed Concrete?

Many Locust Grove residents want to improve their concrete floors’ appearance without spending hundreds on costly replacement services. Although some people turn to concrete coatings to heighten their floors’ appeal, many don’t want to deal with the strenuous installation process and wonder, “Can I polish exposed concrete?” 

So, can you polish exposed concrete? To answer this question and more, Concrete Coatings developed a guide to teach Locust Grove, GA, residents everything they need to know about concrete polishing.

Concrete Coatings is one of Locust Grove, GA’s leading concrete polishing and coatings companies. We offer high-quality concrete polishing services that will have your concrete surfaces looking their best at a price that fits your budget. If you need professional concrete polishing in Locust, Grove, GA, contact the experts at Concrete Coatings.

Can You Polish Concrete Surfaces?

Most sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors consist of exposed aggregate concrete due to its robustness and allure. However, dirt, dust, and other contaminants collect on exposed aggregate concrete’s porous surface over time, significantly reducing its visual appeal. The concrete is also prone to staining, which can further reduce its appearance.

Although you can prevent surface blemishes by maintaining the exposed aggregate concrete, it requires extensive maintenance that many Locust Grove residents have trouble keeping up with efficiently. However, concrete polishing will enhance the floor’s appearance by eliminating imperfections and giving it a gorgeous sheen that will take any home’s appeal to new heights.

Polishing concrete floors is an efficient way to increase their attractiveness while reducing maintenance requirements. It’s more cost-effective than concrete coatings and takes less time to complete. It’s perfect for restoring interior and exterior surfaces, enhancing their looks and overall quality.

Types of Concrete Polishing

Concrete floor polishing consists of three primary variations.

  • Cream-polished
  • Salt and pepper
  • Exposed aggregate

Each variation provides a unique look that helps your property reach its full visual potential.


Cream-polished concrete features a smooth, cream-colored top layer made from cement paste and minuscule sand aggregates. It preserves the floor’s marble-like surface by removing 0.7938mm from the slab’s top layer. Cream-polished concrete is exceedingly popular due to its affordability and enchanting appearance.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper polishing takes the process one step further by removing the top layer to expose fine aggregates that make the concrete resemble salt and pepper. Technicians use professional-grade grinders to grind concrete and remove 0.3969mm from the surface, exposing the second layer that heightens its charm.

Most professionals recommend salt and pepper polishing within a week after installing a slab.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate polishing requires technicians to grind past the salt and pepper layer to expose coarse aggregates within the concrete slab. It’s the most strenuous form of concrete polishing and removes 3mm or more from the concrete’s surface.

Most professionals perform exposed aggregate polishing immediately after pouring the slab. However, some wait three days to ensure optimal results.

After grinding and preparing the concrete for your desired variation, professionals polish the surface to further its appeal. Most professional services offer several dry polishing levels, ranging from a flat sheen to a mirror-like polish. Your technicians will work with you to help you find the perfect polish and aggregate level that will make your floors and walkways better than ever.

Why Choose Concrete Coatings for Professional Concrete Polishing in Locust Grove, GA

The Concrete Coatings team has vast experience with all the polishing variations and can handle even the toughest projects without issue. We never cut corners with mediocre supplies and utilize the best tools and polishing methods in the industry today.

Upon arrival, our technicians will consult you to fully understand your needs and expectations. We then prep and grind the floor while taking every precaution necessary to protect the surroundings. After that, we give your concrete floor an immaculate polish that will take the room’s appearance to the next level.

If you need to hire a professional polishing service in Locust Grove, GA, to revive your drab concrete floors, look no further than Concrete Coatings.

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